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The prohibition against cremation was lifted in 1963. Today, an increasing number of Catholics are choosing cremation as opposed to casket burial or entombment in a crypt.

All of our larger Catholic cemeteries have ground lots for the burial of cremated remains, as well as outdoor and/or indoor niches for cremation urns. We don’t provide scattering gardens because separating cremated remains is contrary to Catholic teaching.

People choose cremation for many different reasons;

  • Cultural or family tradition
  • Environmental concerns
  • Personal preference

The first crematorium opened by The Diocese of Hamilton, Holy Cross Catholic Cremation Centre was opened in November 2003 to answer the growing interest in cremation.

For more information about cremation services, or to make pre-need arrangements for cremation, please call the Cremation Centre

Local at 519-442-2214 Toll-free at 1-800-661-5985 Purchase Cremation Service Online

Holy Cross Cremation Centre

We operate our own crematorium — providing assurance to families that the cremation takes place with the reverence and respect consistent with Catholic tradition.

Centrally located on Governor’s Road outside of Brantford, Holy Cross Catholic Cremation Centre is available to Catholics and their families as well as to people of other faiths and cultures.

Families who wish to be present during cremation may use our comfortable waiting area. There is a viewing window so that the casket may be seen entering the “retort,” or cremation chamber. There is also a spacious chapel area where committal services can be held.

Questions About Cremation

Can cremated remains be buried in an existing family grave or crypt?

Yes, providing the person who holds the rights to the grave or crypt gives permission (or their immediate heirs). There may or may not be room for an additional name on the grave marker; occasionally people order a new marker to add an additional name.

Why don’t you allow scattering?

The Catholic Church believes that cremated remains must be treated with the same dignity and respect as the body, and must be buried or entombed in a sacred space. Scattering or separating cremated remains is therefore not permitted.

Can I personalize a cremation niche?

A glass-fronted cremation niche is like a small display case, and families may add their own photos or decorations. Families are advised against placing items of particular sentimental or monetary value inside the niche. A marble or granite front niche will have an inscription on the face using a standard format.