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Bart Cavallin

Life Stories


Born: 1964-07-29
Died: 2023-05-06 in Juravinski Hospital Hamilton Ontario
Interred: Holy Sepulchre, Burlington

When Bart was born the good Lord stamped him a Genius. Bart could make something out of nothing. You never through anything away unless you asked Bart if he could use it as nine times out of ten he turned your garbage into something useful to him. I remember one day I put into the garbage bin a blender I received as a shower gift at my wedding. The blender was more than twenty years old. Bart came by and said quote “Mom why is your blender in the garbage.” I said it stopped working. He brought it back in the house sat down got out his tools took it all apart and repaired it. I still have it working better than new. Bart was also stamped by our Lord a Dreamer. His dream was to boot around town in a souped up Muscle car that he was restoring waving to all his friends. God had other plans for Bart and took him up to heaven to help him. It is with great sorrow that I say to my son who will live forever in my heart. GOOD MY ANGEL. until we meet in Heaven. MOM