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Cynthia Mary Adoranti

Life Stories

Cherished Friend

Born: 1955-12-04
Died: 1972-07-29 in Dunnville, Ontario
Interred: Holy Sepulchre, Burlington

Over the years I have visited you countless times. But, with the passing of time, there are fewer people left that remember you.

So, this tribute is placed here, for all to know. What a beautiful person you were.

Your smile was genuine, happy and full of confidence. It was a guiding light. And your eyes conveyed hope and anticipation. You were bright and funny and liked spending time with your friends on street. You were beautiful and kind and liked going to the movies. You were shy and caring and liked watching the city light up at dusk, from the mountain brow. You were bold and curious and liked long car rides and listening to music. When I was in your company, there was never enough time. But, in those moments, I knew.

“…You left so suddenly, unexpectedly. It leaves me wrenched with sadness still. The burden of remembrance, Are really treasures left by you…”
December, 2023