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Daniel Marklin Pollock

Life Stories

Son, Brother, husband, father, grandfather

Born: 1953-11-29
Died: 2023-09-20 in Hamilton
Interred: Holy Sepulchre, Burlington

I am Danny’s youngest sister. My brother died in his sleep. I lost someone with whom I shared many things; love, of course, more love than I can say. We had a mutual admiration for each other, we had Stories so horrible only our family can see the humour in them. We played and fought and drove Mom to distraction. He teased me and I whined. We shared our hidden fears and our genetic predispositions. And on Halloween, decades ago, we shared the same loss of our beloved sister Joan. Danny hated school despite being great at it. His downfall started while trying to control his migraine headaches which we both inherited from our mom. Chronic pain persisted for years. The weight of the pain affected his life physically, emotionally and mentally. Things I remember; him playing with those little dinky toy cars around the tree roots in front of our childhood home for hours. We had been wrecking the house since we were born. He loved to assemble model cars and paint them. He was the best at building forts inside and outside our house. When he got older, he built his own walls and erected a fort in which to hide from the hurt and loss in his life. From inside his fort, I don’t know if Dan could see how much he was loved. But I know that Dan “loved”. My brother loved more than any of us asked for or earned. I will grieve all the moments we lost and wasted. He was a son that was dearly loved by his parents who refused to give up on him. Rest in eternal peace my dear brother. You will live on forever going to the corner store for penny candies and gum. XO