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Eugenio Milisenda

Life Stories

Loving Father

Born: September 5, 1944
Died: January 2, 2015 in Hamilton, Ontario
Interred: Holy Sepulchre, Burlington

Dad your sudden passing has been so hard on all of us. I want to tell you how much I love you and thank you for everything you did for us everyday! You are my rock your ongoing support and devotion to all of us was so amazing and will be missed. The fruit trees are asleep now for the winter but in the spring we will always remember the joy in the blooming of the cherry blossoms you can see outside the patio door. The abundance of cherries that grow and sharing them with the grandkids. We will try to carry on what you loved so much. After 35 years of hard work at Stelco to provide for us, your hard work and the hardships of working shifts will never be forget. You worked hard for us, your family. I will try to raise my children and take what both you and mom instilled in all three of your girls. Dad we also discovered that the baby girl born before me, was found to be buried near you. I hope you have reunited with your baby girl too. Say hi to everyone we miss them all. You left in peace the way you always said. I know you are in peace in Paradise, watch over us, until we meet again. I LOVE YOU DADDY! Laura