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Horacio Janicas

Life Stories

My father's story. He was a kind man that loved and put his family first. He taught me the value of hard work and so many other lessons. I was so so fortunate to have him as a father and miss him terribly.

Born: 1947-11-04
Died: 2022-09-01 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Interred: Holy Sepulchre, Burlington

My father was born in Seixo, Mira in Portugal on November 4, 1947. His father was Gentil Janicas & his mother was Anna Pimentel. He was the second youngest of 8 siblings. He has four children Gina, Filipe, Paulo & Victor, and six grandchildren, Alex, Adriana, Monica, Angelina, Michael & Christian. My father came to Hamilton, Ontario, in 1968 with no money and not knowing the language. He took English classes and tried his hand at being a travel agent before starting work at a cafe on James St. North until August of 1971. He bought into the business and his brother would join him a few years later. He would write letters back to Portugal to the woman he loved, Maria Barreira. He married Maria in 1969 and she came to Canada. They had their first child, Gina Costa (Janicas) on July 9, 1973. 2 years later while Maria had growing health issues with her heart, they had a second child, Filipe Janicas on May 17, 1975. Maria’s health issues worsened after my birth, and she tragically died on July 25, 1976. With two very young children and a new business to run, my father received help from Maria Janicas (Barreira), and she came from Portugal to join them in Canada in 1975 to help raise the children while her sister recovered. Lurdes & Horacio raised Gina & Filipe for two more years and got closer to each other and were eventually married on March 12, 1977. On August 6, 1978 Horacio had his third child with Lurdes, Paulo Janicas. 14 years later Horacio had his fourth child with Lurdes on September 8, 1986, Victor Janicas. The family of six moved to Stoney Creek in 1989. He continued to work at the cafe, retiring in 1992. My father passed of cardiac arrest on Sept. 1, 2022. My father was a kind man, put his family first. He taught me the value of hard work & so many other lessons. I was so fortunate to have him as a father & miss him terribly. LOVE YOU PAI. Rest in peace.