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Jack Pradzynski

Life Stories

Son, brother, uncle, friend... time traveller!

Born: September 9, 1977
Died: June 12, 2017 in Vancouver, BC
Interred: Gate of Heaven, Burlington

Jack was the Gentleman and the sofisticated party star all-in-one! We adored meeting people worldwide and finding out new things from the locals. We spent hours discussing new ideas and he indeed made the world a better place. He wanted the world to get smarter every day and his actions spoke louder than words!

“How much time do you have in your life… let’s do it!” – he’d say every time I had an idea that would push us to explore and start a new adventure. We loved to share deeper thoughts and we enjoyed the talks about the eternal validity of soul. That is mainly why I think of him as a time traveller. In the short period we knew each other he managed to get through to the very bottom of my heart.

Kind hearted, he would never hesitate to help others….

One thing i remember the most was when my mom died, he was the only person to reply in such a unique way to the bad news… he didn`t say he was sorry like we usually do… He said it his own way: I’m sooo happy that I met her!” – what a sweet way to show appreciation rather than add another bit to the sorrow! That’s my friend, Jack I knew!

Honoured to have been one of his closest friends…

Our friendship is timeless! God’s my witness that he crosses my mind every day. I will keep his legacy alive for the rest of my days!