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Lucien Lavallee

Life Stories

Husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather

Born: 1937-11-07
Died: 2022-04-01 in Hamilton
Interred: Resurrection, Ancaster

How it must’ve been for a young French speaking boy with Quebec roots to arrive in English speaking Hamilton and adapt to city life.
He forged relationships, found work and met our mother Eileen.
They set up their newly married life in and had their first born daughter Brigitte.
After moving into their first home, they had two more children, Teresa and David.

A true Montreal Canadians fan with a knowledge for the sport that some described as pure instinct.

Leaping Lou and the flying Frenchman” were some of the Nicknames he had playing hockey.

His discipline in hockey transcended into his everyday life,
The strongest work ethic any man could have, even injured, he would go into shift work at Stelco steel for 37 years.

It must’ve been hard on a young father who loved to play hockey, to have so many responsibilities.
He made the choice to pick family, work and church over his love for the game.

The same ethics that gave him strength and conviction in hard work and raising his family was instilled in his passion for the Catholic Church.

Generous to the church each and every week we attended as a family.
During Lent our father brought us to church every night and we said the rosary together as a family.

Admiration is the word to describe how we felt about our dad.
We admired his courage, conviction and of course his consistent strength in every aspect, not just physically but mentally as well.

A devoted husband to his wife Eileen. They shared a special bond of love and loyalty.

We will forever miss his funny moments and his quick wit along with our family vacations that he organized every summer. Taking us to Disney world and so many fun family adventures to cherish forever.

Our father wanted us to speak kindly to each other, to share, to respect each other and to value a dollar.

Forever in our hearts. Your family.