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Mary Wiencis

Life Stories


Born: December 27, 1925
Died: December 14, 2009 in Hamilton
Interred: Holy Sepulchre Catholic Cemetery, Burlington

Sadly, a month after our dear grandfather passed away, we lost our dear grandmother. Having been together for most of their lives, they could not part from each other in the after life.

My grandmother was a woman who placed great value on her family, friends and faith.

Born in Poland and having survived WWII and the post-war years, she made the decision to come to Canada in 1968 after receiving her invitation by my now-deceased great uncle. Along with my grandfather, my mother and uncle they boarded a ship and left their dear home not knowing what life would bring them in Canada. During the course of their 40-plus years in Canada, they were blessed with their own growing family and family members who emigrated from Poland. They will both be fondly missed for making you feel welcome in their home regardless if you were family or a friend. My grandmother will be missed and remembered especially for making Easter and Christmas extra special, as no one can make Easter ham or the delicious pierogis like grandma did.

Both will be fondly missed by their son John and his wife Patricia along with their daughters Debra and Laura, as well as their daughter Gwen and her daughter Vanessa. They are also fondly remembered and missed by their family in Canada and Poland along with their old friends they made in Canada.

May you both rest in peace and one day we will meet again.