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Severa Cachero

Life Stories

Registered Nurse at St.Joseph Hospital Hamilton

Born: 1953-03-27
Died: 2023-05-09 in Hamilton,Ontario
Interred: Resurrection, Ancaster

Loving mother, wife, sister, grandmother and Tita, Severa was a lifelong display of selflessness and strength. As an eldest of seven and losing her own mother at a young age, Severa assumed responsibility early on. A role where she not only provided for loved ones, but enabled future generations to experience a life of purpose, love and success. As a young nurse in the Philippines, Severa travelled abroad for greater opportunities to provide. Alongside her husband, Recto, she’s achieved professional success as a registered nurse and a personal success as a wife and mother welcoming four children into their lives (Ron, Ruth, Richard and Regine). Whether professional or personal, care was always her number one priority. She would sacrifice her time, well being, self interest and resources to ensure that everyone around her had what they needed to flourish. She was fierce yet gentle. Strong willed, while encouraging. She made loved ones feel protected, while supporting them as they forged their own paths in life. She is survived by four grandchildren (Aaliyah, Aubrey, Hunter and Leo) with a third granddaughter on the way. Her love, determination and selflessness serve as eternal inspiration, remaining as part of her legacy that will provide both fond memories and eternal guidance to those that she loved and future generations.

Credit to Christopher de Freitas (son-in-law)