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Sherry Claire Shetty

Life Stories

Loving mother and wife

Born: August 12, 1959
Died: July 24, 2015 in Hamilton, Ontario
Interred: Resurrection, Ancaster

They say marriages are made in heaven and it was truly divine intervention that I met my life partner.

Sherry knew the way to this man’s heart was definitely through his stomach and she promptly took over my kitchen and my whole life.

And over these last 30-plus years, I have never ceased thanking God for Sherry. She has been the light of my life, my rock, my anchor, my lover, my constant companion, my biggest critic and my biggest supporter.

I would be lying if I said we never had any disagreements over petty things. But our resolution not to go to bed without making up worked out pretty well.

Every mother loves her children, but those who knew Sherry will agree that her love went to a whole new level. She smothered Samantha and Stefan with complete and unconditional love. Of course, whatever good qualities they had were all because of her and she said they learned all their bad habits from me.

Sherry always found the good in everyone and she was quick to make friends. But even I have been surprised by the number of people sending messages to me from different corners of the globe about how beautiful she was on the inside and the outside.

Her prayers were never for herself, always for someone else. Whenever we had a chance to say Rosary as a family, our kids would fall asleep because there would be a whole string of new people she would add each day for whom we had to pray for.

Sherry loved the church community and they in turn showered her with love and affection. After her kids, the one greatest joy she found was being a part of the choir in Corpus Christi and it really pained her when ill health restrained her from coming up front to be with them.

She went through a lot of suffering, especially in the last three weeks of her life, but her passing was very peaceful — almost heavenly — surrounded by her family and friends, with music, prayer and hymns. Fittingly, she passed while we were saying her favourite prayer — the Rosary.

Honey, we are going to miss you very much and do not know how we are going to live without you, but we know that you are with the angels and watching over all of us.

I am not going to say goodbye, but au revoir. Until we meet again, honey.