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Stanley Kruchka

Life Stories


Born: May 2, 1927
Died: February 5, 2013 in Arbour Creek Hamilton Ontario
Interred: Gate of Heaven, Burlington

I never expected to be writing about my dad so soon after losing my mom (November 2012). My dad was a good man, hardworking and very family oriented. He grew up in a big family, which explains why he wanted a big family himself. I have nothing but fond and happy memories of my childhood, my dad did the best he could and it was more than enough for me! Years flew by, I got married and had two children of my own, and my dad was an awesome grandpa. He spent as much time as possible with my kids, and even when they were babies he would babysit for me. My kids adored him, as I have always done. I will never forget the generosity of this man – a man who didn’t have much, but was always here to help in any way he could. He was a man of so much knowledge and loved to share his knowledge with everyone – he loved to talk…lol. I was very sad and very alone when I lost my mom and dad had become very ill months before her passing. It was a hard time, but he was such a rock to me – even when he wasn’t feeling well himself, he always made me feel better when I saw him. I love you, Dad, and pray you are in a much better place, a place without pain and you are happy being with mom again where you belong. Words can never explain what I am feeling – I miss you so much and so do my kids…Love you forever, may peace and joy be with you and mom for all eternity
Love, Kim