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Tara Lynn Di Cola

Life Stories


Born: December 21, 1982
Died: February 13, 2018 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Interred: Holy Sepulchre, Burlington

Tara Di Cola was born to two beautiful parents Fred Wheeler and Patricia Kalka. She has two sisters and one brother Amanda, Christine and Eric and a stepdad Chris Bentley. She also has three nieces Ally, Ava and Emma and a nephew on the way in May of 2018. Tara and I knew each other for many moons, not until one day she came back looking for me after a few years of separation. This is when it all started. We started dating from 2013 ” MY LOVE “. By 2014, we decided to get married and we were waiting the coming of our first child Antonio Frederick Di Cola. At this time Tara had a nickname given too her by me and it was ” MAMA ” Then within three years god gave us the opportunity to have another child named Isabella Grace Di Cola. On February 13th 2018 my world came too a stop my best friend, my biggest fan and the mother of my children was taken by God. She will be missed by all but most of all “MAMA” Antonio, Isabella and Daddy miss you and love you for everything you did for us. I will make sure the kids know who their MOM was and raise them to be loving, caring like you would of taught them. Say Hi to all in heaven from all of us on earth. ” BABY GIRL ”